Young Adult Ministry

The Lord has been gracious in building a community of young adults within our local church. Our heart is to equip them to become disciplemakers within their workplace, family, and friends. Therefore, we have opened opportnunities for young adults to connect and serve as follows:

Individual Bible Studies

Currnetly our Bible studies are held informally between induviduals within our church community. If you are interested in studying the Bible, reach out to our residential pastor at the following email:

Women's Fellowship

Each Monday night from 7:00-9:30pm the young adult women gather for fellowship and community. The time varies between conversations related to Scripture, Bible study, and prayer. These young women always enjoy getting to know new people. Please contact for more information.

First Friday's

To help foster relationships between our young adults, they gather every first Friday of the month at 7:00pm. Coffee and snacks are provided at the church as the group plays games and enagages in conversation.

Worship Nights

The last Thursday of every month is a dedicated one hour gathering for young adults to worship and hear a brief sermon. These will take place at Providence and begin at 7:00pm.

Serving Opportunities

Our church loves when young adults find a fit in serving the congregation. If you are looking to meet others within the ocmmunity, have spare time, and/or simply serve you can view our ministry opportunities here.



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