Our Mission


A Community of Disciples Treasuring, Proclaiming & Maturing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

Providence exists to celebrate the Gospel by making disciples of Christ, for the glory of God, by the power of the Spirit, for the joy of all peoples. That's our direction and goal. To fully enegage ourselves in Christ's disciple making commission to the Church.

Our mission of treasuring, proclaiming and maturing in the gospel is our means of achieving that end.

At the heart of this mission is the belief that all we do should be built around the gospel. It's the message that brings salvation, but also the power by which the Christian life is lived. The gospel reminds us of our never ending need for Christ and his saving work. And this same gospel reminds us that while God saves us as individuals, he calls us into the community of His Church, in order that we'd be built up to maturity together. Finally, the satisfaction we find in Christ and His Church compels us outward, to share Christ and love people as His ambassadors.

In light of this, we believe that the local church is God's ordained context where the mission of disciple making is meant to happen. Biblical disciple making is a synergy of treasuring, maturing in and declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The glorious end of God's saving work in Jesus is to make worshippers who treasure Jesus above all else. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to the joyful task of taking supreme pleasure and delight in Jesus. In finding satisfaction in the fountain of delights that exceeds all the other leaky pleasures the world offers outside of the Jesus. The treasure we find in salvation is satisfying because it brings us into relationship and communion with God himself, the One our hearts were made for.


The power of the gospel that first caused us to be born again is also active in bringing us to maturity. We become like what we worship, and so disciples who treasure Jesus will inevitably begin to be conformed to His image. The grace that saved us is also the grace that sanctifies us, as we behold and are changed by the glory of Jesus Christ witnessed in God's Word. The transforming work of the Spirit empowers our pursuit of a life lived in step with the gospel. And the gift of the Body of Christ provides community encouragement, fellowship and exhortation that assists believers in their fight of faith, battle with sin and pursuit of holiness.


As disciples who've been made alive by God's grace we are eager to share God's grace in the gospel. Having received the good news of the gospel believers now have the privilege of being ambassadors for Christ, proclaiming God's message of reconciliation to their communities and the world. The church gives witness to the gospel as it gathers and as it scatters, in corporate worship and personal relationships. The experience of the love of Christ engenders love for our neighbors, communities and the least of these. Our life together and in the world serves as a bridge to the message of hope we declare, creating an attractional comminty - the church - that displays the goodness of the gospel.




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