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Whether you are looking for a new church to call home or have never been to church before, we want to help you discover the heart of Providence, both the God we love to worship and the people we love to live life with.


Experience the preaching and worship on a Sunday morning. Experience the people and relationships in one of our Care Groups. Experience the gospel of God’s grace at work.

Take 5: There are many things that make Providence a special place. The centrality of the gospel in our songs and preaching, the genuine warmth of the people and the way we pursue life together in community. No Sunday visit is able to preview it all. So we encourage guests to Take 5 weeks and get a deeper sense for who we are.


For those who like what they’ve experienced and want to explore Providence further, we offer 'Foundations,' a course designed to give an insiders look at the church.

Foundations takes time to describe the beliefs that define us and how those beliefs find expression in the ebb and flow of our community life. It’s a behind the scenes look at what makes Providence tick. It's also a great context to sit down with a pastor and ask any questions you might have about the gospel, the church and the process of becoming a part of our family here.


One of the great privileges of believing in the gospel is the opportunity to belong to a local church. Jesus saves individuals so he can gather them together into his body. Providence is far from perfect, but as a church filled with imperfect people, we find great hope in the love our perfect Savior has for his bride, the church.

One way to gauge a persons maturity in Christ is to see how consistently they love the things Jesus loves. And Jesus died for the church and is unwavering in his commitment to her. We love when believers partner with Providence through membership, comitting to give of themselves and serve one another for the good of the body and the glory of Christ. If Providence feels like home, we'd encourage you to explore membership.



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