The Body of Christ  

The gospel is a glorious thing and our hope is that it saturates everything we do at Providence. An essential piece of the gospel message is that Jesus has laid down His life for the sake of His bride, the Church. Bottom line, Jesus loves the church.

The implication is that God has ordained the church to play an integral role in the growth and discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness. We are called to pursue intimacy with Christ and God has given us the gift of the local church for that very reason. It is our belief that progressive sanctification is a community project. To that end it is our hope and prayer that Christians will be committed to a local church where they can experience communion with God in the community of faith. If you desire to pursue Christ with us at Providence it would be our joy to lead you through our membership process.

Foundations For Our Life Together

The main step toward membership is a class entitled Foundations for Our Life Together, designed for those who wish to learn more about the beliefs and practices of Providence.

A person’s commitment to a local church is a very important matter, and our desire is to provide the information necessary for you to decide if this local church is where God would have you planted. We cover the doctrines and values that are the cornerstones of our life together, and how they work their way out in our community.

The course is provided once in the fall, spring and summer or as needed. The format is a Friday evening and Saturday, speant with a pastor reviewing the Foundations material and discussing together. It's a laid back setting where questions and dialogue are encouraged, to provide those interested in membership with an insiders view of what makes Providence tick.

This class is a requirement for those seeking membership at Providence, though taking the course does not commit you to membership. Anyone who has completed the Foudnations class and is interested in joining the church can fill out a membership application and set up a time for a membership interview.

For more information on the time of the next Foundations class or membership, please contact one of the pastors.



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