The Sum of it All


So this is the sum of it all: We aren’t here to prove anything. We aren’t here to make up for anything. We’re here because we have met Jesus, the God who made us and all things. He died for us and took away all our sins. Now we love Him and hate all evil. We love to talk to Him in prayer. We love to feast in our homes and care for the weak. We rejoice in suffering, and we give generously to all in need. We love to sing the old war songs of the Church. We love to listen to Him, particularly His Word. We have been enlisted in His army through baptism, and we feast with His people at His Tabl

And the world is before us. What will you do? Where will you explore? What will you confront? Whom will you befriend? Where will you bring healing? What will you create?

We own this place. It belongs to us. Jesus bought it with His blood.

Toby Sumpter, Blood-Bought World



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