The Riff Off: A Happy Ending Indeed

The blog here on the Providence's website is woefully neglected and in an effort to freshen things up a bit, I'm creating a series called "The Riff Off" which is involves my taking a bit of something someone else said and elaborating on it. 

This week's Riff Off post comes in response to a beautiful bit of writing put out by Douglas Wilson in his book titled, God Rest Ye Merry.

The Original:

"If all things work together for good for them that love God and are called according to His purpose, then this means that billions of plot points are going to come together in the most satisfying cathartic release possible at the end of all time. The great day of resurrection, the eschatological climax, will be what Tolkien called eucatastrophe, and will be literary catharsis writ large, although large is far too small a word for it." -- Douglas Wilson, God Rest Ye Merry

My Riff Off:

There will be a magnificent reversal of all the wrongs and sorrows, a great victory for good over evil, life over death. And it will be infinitely more than we could ask or imagine.

This is what we long for, even if we don't always know it. We want things to make sense, to have a purpose and a goal. We want there to be justice in the world, and we want there to be a happy ending. This is what God has promised us, and this is what He will surely deliver. So let us fix our eyes on that day, and let us hold fast to the hope that is within us, knowing that whatever happens in this life, it is only temporary and that ultimately all things will work together for our good and His glory.




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