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When a Preacher is Downcast by Charles Spurgeon

The Inevitable Blows of Betrayal, Slander, Criticism Depress God's Best Preachers "One crushing stroke has sometimes laid the minister very low. The brother most relied upon becomes a traitor. Judas lifts up his heel against the Man who trusted him, and the preacher's heart for the moment fails him. We are all too apt to look to an arm of flesh, and from that propensity...

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The Gospel...Also The Gospel


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The Sum of it All

And the world is before us. What will you do? Where will you explore? What will you confront? Whom will you befriend? Where will you bring healing? What will you create?...

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A Pickaxe Made of Questions

"I got a pickaxe made of questions that I can hardly hold But I'm afraid if I stop swinging, then I will never find the gold With a motherlode of answers I might find inside a mine I would trade them in a second for a single kiss divine." Lyrics from 'Kiss Divine', Rob Friedman "I think I'll head on up and over to the tourist part of town They got a bright...

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If I Ever Renounce My Faith


During the final year of Christopher Hitchen's life, he warned the public that if a confession of Christ should arise from his deathbed, such news should be disregarded immediately. "In the event of anyone ever hearing or reading a rumor of such a thing, it would not have been made by me. No one recognizable as myself would ever make such a ridiculous remark." Hitchens ...

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