Bible Reading

There is no resource more essential to knowing God and growing in our love for him than the Bible. It is God's innerant and inspired testimony about who he is and what he is doing to redeem through the work of Jesus Christ.

Expository preaching from the Bible is a core value at Providence. We don't want to hear man's wisdom, we to be changed by God's. Likewise, we see great value in God's people committing themselves to reading and applying God's word in personal study. But to be doers of the word, we must first be hearer and readers. To that end, below are some helpful approaches to accountable Bible study that will lead you through the treasure of God's Word. And here's a link to some ESV Bibles we recommend.

Bible Reading Plans 

Two Year Bible Reading Plan - Designed to take the reader through the Old and New Testaments in two years, and through Psalms and Proverbs four times during that period. Ideally, it is made to be read in conjunction with How to Read the Bible Book by Book, A Guided Tour. Read Stephen Witmer's rational for the plan here.

Horner Bible Reading System - 10 Chapters, 10 Sections, Each Day. A serious plan for the highly motivated and disciplined, it guides readers through multiple readings each day and helps broaden a sense for how all Scripture relates to itself.

M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan - Daily reading in four different places of the Bible each day, designed to cover all of Scripture in one year. You can also do each days readings online at here. The Gospel Coalition’s For the Love of God Blog takes you through the M’Cheyne reading plan, with a meditation each day by D. A. Carson related to one of the readings.

Crossway Plans - 10 different plans, each with a variety of formats to hold you accountable and keep you on track.

Bible Reading Plan for Slackers and Shirkers - For the frequently discouraged, if you find yourself falling behind the typical plans and then abandoning them in a guilt-ridden surrender, this plan is for you. Each day you read from a different section of Scripture, but there is no 'required' reading that follows the calendar. It's a plan that offers a disciplined approach with plenty of grace.

Chronological Reading Plan - See Scripture with new eyes as you read through the Bible's storyline in chronological order.

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan - Like others above, it has a reading from 4 different passages each day. However, each month has only 25 readings so that there are days for catching back up. It can also be started at any point during the year.




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