614 Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry of Providence is convinced that teenagers can grow in Christ and flourish during these critical years. We want to see our teens take ownership of their faith. To that end, the goal is disciples who bear fruit through growing in love for God, love for parents and love for the church.

The ministry is pastor led and parent involved, seeking to partner with parents in discipling students by applying the gospel to the world in which teens live. We believe that parents have primary responsibility for the biblical training and discipleship of their children through the teenage years. Parents play an irreplaceable role in the forming of Christian character in the lives of their teens. Effective parenting guides youth beyond family into commitment, membership, service, and fruitful involvement in the local church. Pastoral care is an important means of grace to equip parents in effectively discipling and preparing their teens for life as mature, God-honoring adults. The responsibility of the church is to support and supplement parents as they seek to direct their children, while also providing an essential teaching voice that offers biblical clarity on family issues.


The youth meet on the first 3 Wednesday evenings of each month in contexts dedicated to worship and teaching, relationship building and Bible study.




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